eInk Records Quarterly Profit

November 14, 2013

eInkeInk Holdings, the company which supplies the screens found on most of the popular eReaders on the market today such as those on Kindles, Kobos and Nooks have just released their  last quarter earnings. The company reported a $15.5 million profit.

eInk has invested millions in R & D and have released a number of new technologies such as Carta, Regal and Mobius.  They have recently incorporated their corporate headquarters and R & D centers into one building to cut costs.

eReaders still represent the lions share of the companies profit and with the increase popularity of eReaders around the globe,this should continue for some time. New devices such as the Paperwhite 2, Kobo Aura and Nook Glowlight 2 are also predicted to sell very well.

As well as new eReaders coming out, eInk is also bullish about other products using its technology such as smart watches, phones, price displays, digital signage and luggage tags.