eInk Releases 32 Inch Color ePaper Screen

June 4, 2014
eInk Releases 32 Inch Color ePaper Screen

When color ePaper was first unveiled in 2010, it was widely thought that the major eReader makers would quickly implement this technology into a series of new color eReaders. Unfortunately with the exception of  one of two manufactures such as Jetbook there hasn’t been a big take up. The price was quite expensive and the technology gave a somewhat washed out color display.

With this in mind and the fact that eInk’s revenue has been declining of late, they have decided to diversify their portfolio and focus on digital signage with the  announcement of a new 32 inch digital screen, employing eInk Triton.

The screen comes with two modes, one that can display the traditional eInk grayscale experience with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and a second full color mode giving you a 720P resolution. The technology was co-developed by eInk and Global Display Solutions. The latter of who developed the enclosure technology, which allows deployment in outdoor conditions with very low power consumption.

eInk hopes to be able to leverage this technology for outdoor public spaces that have lots of natural sunlight. The big advantage of this type of screen is that it is immune to glare, unlike traditional LCD screens.