Icarus Release Upgraded Illumina eReader

July 18, 2014
Icarus Release Upgraded Illumina eReader

Icarus has just released a follow up to their first incarnation of the Illumina eReader.

The new illumina is smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor and features a more streamline and modern facia. Gone is the D-pad and buttons along the bottom, but it still keeps the original’s page turn buttons on either side of the device.

It features a six inch capacitive touchscreen display (allowing you to pinch and zoom) with a 1024×758 resolution. It has a front-light which is built into the top of the bezel with 4 LED lights to evenly distribute the light.

Other specs include an upgraded 1GHZ dual core  processor and 512 MB of RAM. You get 4 GB of internal storage which can be increased to 32 GB via Micro SD. As with the previous model it has the ability to play sound. You can load in audiobooks or listen to music via your headphones. Formats it supports include: MP3, WAW, WMA Flac, AAC and OGG.

With the new Illumina they have decided to go with an open version of Android. This means users will be able to install their own apps. It will ship with 4.2.2, which will insure that most modern apps will be compatible.

The new Illumina is available today from the Icarus website for €119.95 for European customers or from Amazon for $180 for North American customers.