Kindle Price Cut

April 29, 2014

Kindle Price CutAmazon have today announced a sizeable price reduction on two of their current eReaders. The Kindle Paperwhite 2 has been cut to just $99 and the basic Kindle has been reduced to a very low $49. This amounts to a $20 saving on both models.

The Paperwhite 2 is one of the best eReaders on the market today as well as being one of the most popular. It features an upgraded 1024 x 768 display with an improved front-light and crisper text than its predecessor.

The basic Kindle which is now into its 5th generation boasts a 15% faster page turn and noticeably crisper text than the previous kindle. Although it features a lower 800 x 600 resolution and is controlled via a D-pad rather than a touch screen, at just $49 it’s a great way to dip a toe into the digital eBook arena.

These deals are for a limited time only with only one device allowed per customer.