New Firmware update for Kindle Keyboard

September 11, 2012

Kindle Keyboard Firmware UpdateAmazon have today released a new firmware update for the Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3).  The updates include:

Kindle Format 8: offers support for specified fonts and styling to make books look even better.

Improved Font:  improved the reading font to be crisper and have more contrast.

Comic Books:  now supports the reading of comic books via the Kindle Panel View.

Children’s Picture Books:  supports children’s picture books with Kindle Text pop-Up.

Whispersync for Voice:  this allows you to switch back and forth between reading and listening without losing your place.  It also syncs between any Kindle device including Kindle apps on iPhone & Android devices.

Parental Controls:  allows parents to restrict access to the web browser, Kindle store and archived items.