Sony’s 13.3 inch DPT-S1 eReader Now On Sale in Japan

February 19, 2014

Sony DPT-S1Sony’s 13.3 inch eReader,  the DPT-S1 is now officially on sale in Japan. It is available only through the business unit of Sony and is also on limited trials at 3 universities. The 1600 x 1200 device is currently available for 98,000 yen.

The Sony DPT-S1 is also planned to hit the US within the next three months. It is set to have a hefty price tag of between $1100 to $1200 dollars, which puts it out of reach for most people. The plan is to bring it into Canada too, but only from the direct to business arm of Sony. It is really being aimed at a specific market as you can only read PDFs on it. Whether that will change in the future via firmware updates is hard to tell, but at the moment it is being aimed at businesses, schools and universities.

That being said it is one of the most eagerly anticipated models of the year due to its size, new Mobius screen technology and hand writing recognition technology. It is ideal for schools or people involved in technical fields.