Sony PRS-T3 eReader Discontinued

July 31, 2014
Sony PRS-T3 eReader Discontinued


Sony Canada today confirmed that it will officially be discontinuing the Sony PRS-T3. It will no longer be available once current stocks have been sold. Not only will it be no longer be available in Canada (or the US), but Sony also confirmed today that it is also being discontinued in Europe.

It’s a shame as Sony was starting to get things right with the T3 and in fact it was the best eReader they ever produced.

This year has seen a lot of change in  the Sony eReader division. It closed down its Reader Store in Canada, Europe and Australia with all digital books and customers being passed over to Kobo. A recent firmware update allowed you to buy books again through Kobo.

The discontinuation of the Sony PRS-T3 could be a sign that the company will be announcing a new model in September. This is usually the time of year they generally have new products come out.