Sony To Sell 13.3 Inch DPT-S1 Directly in US

July 17, 2014
Sony To Sell 13.3 Inch DPT-S1 Directly in US

Sony has today begun selling it’s 13.3 inch eReader, the DPT-S1, directly in the US for the first time. Retailing for $1100, it is clearly being aimed at companies and professionals.

With this in mind, Sony will be asking any potential buyers why they are buying the device and what they are using it for. Put simply, Sony doesn’t have the necessary infrastructure to support the DPT-S1 via phone, email or the internet so there’s no way for the average person to have their questions answered. Sony will be relying on their 3rd party vendors to provide all the necessary support. Anyone buying the device will have to open an official Sony Business account before purchase.

In a recent interview by Goodereader with the Sony Business Unit in the US they asked why the device at $1100 is so expensive.

The cost is so high because of numerous things. The first being because its writable; fully writable, huge Mobius screen, and 13 inches, that costs a lot right there. The next thing is longevity. This thing, as big as it is, has a 3 day battery life. We expect it to have that same 3 day battery life, 5 years down the road. There’s also stuff under patent, that I can’t really tell you about, but that costs a lot as well. Potential use value is another thing. This thing is The Best PDF device on the market right now and lawyers or university professors going through countless pages of material can be draining. This fixes all that. Also, office space is precious, and instead of having shelves and shelves of documents, this can fit it all into a thin body. This also cuts down on forests of paper being milled from trees.”

Any company or professional looking to buy a DPT-S1 can call the new phone number Sony launched today, 877-723-7669 Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. Please note they offer free next day shipping via FEDEX anywhere in the US, but will not ship internationally.