Szenio 1600DC eReader Now Available in Spain

April 23, 2014

Szenio DC 1600

Spanish company Szenio, best known for their tablets and smartphones have just unveiled their first eReader, the Szenio 1600DC. They are hoping with this model to take advantage of the fact that the Spanish eBook market has increased by over 400% in the last three years.

Rather than employing eInk technology, they have decided to use TFT technology instead. In fact this is the same technology that the Ectacto Jetbook used four years ago. The resolution is also pretty low at just 800 x 600.

Other specs include: an ARM9 DualCore 600 MHZ processor and 128 MB of RAM. It has 2 GB of internal memory to store books and can be expanded to 32 GB by way of a Micro SD slot. It supports the following formats: TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, FB2 and EPUB. There is no bookstore loaded onto the device, but you can use the browser to download books via WiFi. 

The device features page turn buttons and a D-pad to navigate. Although it doesn’t have a touch screen and uses a fairly old display screen, it is pretty nippy thanks to its dual core processor and sells for a very reasonable €79. It is available now in Spain at various tech stores and online at Szenio.